It is our duty as humans to look after what nature has given us. Instead of abusing it why not embrace the Power of Nature. We all have a part to play…..

Together we hope to build a GREENER future!



Our BTS Systems promise to provide users with the most efficient solution on the market. We have partnered with a Chinese manufacturer who currently provides China Mobile with all their Hybrid solutions for telecom towers. The company has vast experience in the field and a proven track record..


The solar industry has advanced and developed to the point where solar solutions are not just an environmentally friendly power option, but now a cost effective one. EAWEL can provide performance-enhancing solutions to serve the diverse needs of our customers nationwide.
Many technologies (PV, CSP, etc…) exist and it is our duty to provide our clients with site specific solutions for their needs.
Concentrated Solar Power is an area where EAWEL aims to focus over the coming few years. We are already in negotiations with manufacturers of CSP technologies in order to bring these systems to the East African market, given the endless potential.


Energy derived from biomass. Several applications are possible and we can assist you with specific solutions to best utilize waste generated. Gasification is among the most commonly available technology and through our partners in India we are able to provide scalable solutions at very competitive prices.

Finding the solution which will reduce power consumption in a facility or organization can be a daunting task. There are so many options all promising to reduce your energy consumption dramatically. The question is always, will it work, and how much will it actually save? Most of the offered solutions truly cannot guarantee any saving simply because all environments are different. There are far too many variables to make broad blanket statements.
At EAWEL we realize that each situation is different and a custom application and study must be done to determine if an installation of technology will reduce costs. A magical device or black box is not the answer. There is no-one-size-fits-all solution in business, but there is a way to determine the best course of action and get the best bang for your buck, in a manner of speaking.
Taking into consideration all the variables such as time of use, number of shifts, types of equipment, geographical location, energy requirements and demand duration, a complete test will often answer most of the questions. The attachment of sophisticated diagnostic equipment can tell a story at a level no energy audit can produce. A complete power quality and load study can determine the impact that power factor correction will actually have and what can be done to reduce power consumption. Solutions can range from capacitance to transformers, TVSS technologies as well as process audits, all of which can bring together the perfect solution with the right ROI’s to meet your budget needs.
If you’re interested in taking control of your power consumption, please take a minute to contact us so we can show you what options are available. It is possible to begin reducing your energy consumption and your carbon footprint while increasing your bottom line. There is no obligation to find out, so call us today.

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03 June, 2011
AIRCOSAVER gets tested by Kenya Bureau of Standards. 21% savings confirmed on KEBS 36000 BTU air-conditioner, tested at their laboratory..  Test Report

01 January, 2011
EAWEL partners with Amplex, Denmark to provide Smart Grid and Energy Management solutions to the region.

03 Sept, 2010
Official Aircosaver product launch expected by end of October & to appoint national & regional distributors for this product over the next month..