It is our duty as humans to look after what nature has given us. Instead of abusing it why not embrace the Power of Nature. We all have a part to play…..

Together we hope to build a GREENER future!

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Save up to 30% of the running cost on split, window, ductable and tower air conditioners.

Air Conditioning accounts for 70 to 80% of any energy bill. Aircosaver is a unique, state of the art energy saving device imported from West Germany designed specifically to save energy on all window, split and package AC's from 1 to 20 ton cap.

It works on an advanced sensor driven software algorithm based on the principle of Thermal Saturation. It is not a time based unit that merely switches the machine on and off periodically thus compromising comfort and temperature levels. It should neither be compared nor confused with a timer based device. Aircosaver is a genuine energy saver that saves up to 30% in your air conditioning power bill without compromising comfort and temperature levels. We have an impressive list of satisfied customers and proven test results under varying conditions. This revolutionary device usually pays for itself in less than eight months. Every air conditioner should be fitted with one.

There is no other product that delivers genuine energy savings like Aircosaver.

Wind Data Logging System
For investors in Wind Energy it is very important to have correct wind data available for any specific site. Without such data it is impossible to judge the energy yield expected at a site. EAWEL use NRG Systems’ products to prospect for wind energy for clients.

We will install and commission data logging equipment including tower/ mast at hub height
(50 – 100mt) and gather data according to standards set by international consultants.
Please contact us for more information.


AMPLEX - Green Wise Energy Management Solution
GreenWise™ is an open, modular system for advanced energy management (EMS) that tracks consumption data and facilitates dialogue with energy customers or company subdivisions. In addition, it goes beyond the traditional energy management systems by offering unique opportunities for interactive customer dialogue, a human-friendly web interface and iPhone/iPad apps for easy energy management in the field.

The benefits:
A user-friendly web interface - Amplex Performance View™
An affordable, functional EMS coupled with an advanced energy management platform
A proactive overview of energy consumption, status, savings, etc.
Detailed graphs and reports for each entity to identify where your savings matter most
Alarms for fast reaction to fault states or excess consumption
A variety of mobile equipment, including apps for iPhone and iPad
A unique tool for customer retention through push messages, e.g. through blogging, e-news, etc...
Hosted solution
No Software installation costs. No software licences ( besides per metering point)

Amplex has a proven track record and experience in the field which has led Boeing to partner with them in order to market their solutions in the US.

Wind Turbines
Wind power has been growing at a steady rate globally for a number of years now. Not only the large commercial wind farms but also the integration of smaller windmill applications for consumers to business applications has steadily grown as well. Literally dozens of organizations have developed different technologies for virtually any application with an endless list of options. At EAWEL we can help you find the right product for your application. We work with you to determine the best type of wind power and the most feasible source to match your goals and your budget. Once the choice has been made, the EAWEL team will ensure the installation of your new wind power device goes smoothly.

If you have considered a wind turbine as a part of your new green plan we can help you make the best selection for your environment. Take a moment to contact us to see what we can do for you.

Voltage Optimization
Imagine being able to reduce your energy usage by up to 26.1%
With our voltage optimization solution we promise to do just that!

Voltage Power Optimization is the foundation of every energy efficiency program. It makes the single biggest impact to assist you in achieving your energy saving and carbon reduction targets.

A unique & proven technology

Voltage Power Optimization is the unique, proven technology. It optimizes voltage, dealing with the discrepancy between the actual supply voltage you receive (207V - 273V) and the optimum voltage your electrical equipment needs (220V). For the first time ever, it gives businesses, manufacturers, councils and government the opportunity to micro-manage and improve their own power supply.
Many further benefits are associated with an installation of our voltage optimizer.
The process is very simple and you are provided with guaranteed savings once a site survey has been conducted.

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
In most buildings, lighting is one of the major electricity consumers. Fortunately, lighting also offers tremendous energy and cost saving opportunities. The potential for efficiency and comfort improvements is huge.

Our partner has been specializing in the development and manufacturing of energy saving lighting controls since 1990. Innovative breakthroughs include Occupancy Sensors, DAYTRONIC Daylight Harvesting ballasts, Dimmers, LED Emergency Exit Signs and LED Lights.

Key benefits of all solutions:
Can easily be retrofitted to your existing lighting or installed in new installations
Quick & simple to install
Stylish design, very small
Proven in many thousand installations
Developed and manufactured to highest quality standards in Germany.

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03 June, 2011
AIRCOSAVER gets tested by Kenya Bureau of Standards. 21% savings confirmed on KEBS 36000 BTU air-conditioner, tested at their laboratory..  Test Report

01 January, 2011
EAWEL partners with Amplex, Denmark to provide Smart Grid and Energy Management solutions to the region.

03 Sept, 2010
Official Aircosaver product launch expected by end of October & to appoint national & regional distributors for this product over the next month..